Sunday, January 31, 2010


I started this Blog more than two years ago, when I was a freshman in college, because I loved the Knicks and wanted to talk about them. I usually have a lot to say, particularly about basketball and my New York Knickerbockers. Also, I like dick and fart jokes.
Well, the reason that I haven't written anything here in a long time is because I found "postingandtoasting." Well, to clarify, I found it awhile before I started this, but it really started to become a big deal soon after the genesis of Big Giant Orange. It was (and still is) a website wrought with dick jokes, Knicks insight and technological capacities far beyond this shit could ever offer. So, there was no real reason anymore for me to continue with BGO, as I could just use that as my forum for fanaticism and Walt Frazier appreciation.
Well, I'm starting this again for lack of anything else to do. I see it as both a forum for my own thoughts (which are generally awesome) and a form of therapy. The girl I love is in Spain for the next four months or so, and I will use writing as an outlet for my frustration toward that, as well as toward the fact that my secondary object of affection is an awful team in the National Basketball Association.

If no one reads anything I write, it's fine by me because, again, this is mostly for myself. Anyone who actually does read any of it can be assured they are delving into a confusing world that weds profanity with sports, and sometimes other shit. If there are misspellings, it is never due to my incompetence, rather the cause is my complete disregard for proofreading. If I repeat myself or seemingly avoid comprehensive grammatical or syntactical order, it is for the same reason.

Posts coming soon.


Seth said...

Word on the girl being elsewhere.

Harris said...

The Knicks point guard of the future might be in Spain too. Have your girlfriend bring him back.