Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The NBA trade deadline is February 18th, and most experts (ESPN lol!) are predicting a massive overhaul for some teams and some major names to be traded. This includes Amare Stoudemire, Ray Allen, Tracy McGrady, and anybody on the Wizards. Some teams are looking for young talent, some teams are looking for cap relief, and others are looking to bolster their rosters for playoff time; looking for that player who will put them over the top. Well, because I have sat back and watched countless trade deadlines pass without any excitement, and because I am a dirty fucking Knicks homer, I propose a trade!

Trade 1:
Knicks get:
Ray Allen (1 year, 18.7 M), Sergio Rodriguez (1 year, 1.5 M)
and use most of the Q. Richardson's trade exception

Celtics get:
Jared Jeffries (2 years, 6.4 M), Kevin Martin (4 years, 9.6 M)

Kings get:
Al Harrington (1 year, 10.0 M), Jordan Hill (2 years, 2.4 M)
and the 1.6 M trade exception

Why it makes sense:
The Knicks are looking to get rid of Jared Jeffries's awful goddamn contract by any means necessary. Donnie Walsh & co. know damn well that they're not going to be able to do that in a straight-up trade because Jared Jeffries is widely perceived as terrible (which is not true, though at 6.7 million dollars, he is one of the worst players in the league). He can play an Anderson Varejao - type role on a playoff team, defending players of any position and absolutely smothering the pick and roll. He has been scoring as of late (probably voodoo), and is among the Knick leaders in adjusted +/- points. The Celtics could use him because he could bottle up Rashard Lewis in a potential playoff battle and could hold his own again J-Smoove or Marvin in ATL. He could play with KG, Sheed or Perkins behind him, making his complete lack of shot-blocking a moot point. All told, Jeffries would be a great fit if the Celtics were looking to make a run and lose Ray Allen's contract all at once.

The Knicks would also be giving up Al Harrington (who gives a shit?) to the Kings to make salaries match. This doesn't impact either team, as he will be a free agent at the end of the year.

The Celtics, in addition to getting the services of Jeffries (pause), would be getting rid of Allen in exchange for a younger shooting guard with a serviceable contract and who would be absolutely perfect next to Rajon Rondo in the long-term. He draws fouls and can shoot the three.

The Kings are looking to dump salary (Kevin Martin) in terms of becoming bigger players in free agency. Also, their need for K. Martin has diminished with the drafting of rookie Tyreke Evans, who can capably act as their #1 scoring option, making Martin expendable. However, they do not want to lose Martin for nothing, so they need young talent back as well.

This is where the trade gets tricky for Knicks fans, as losing Jordan Hill would be unpleasant and almost certainly premature. The Kings need help from young, tall guys (Fuck Jason Thompson and Spencer Hawes), and Hill can eventually grow into a shot-blocker and capable scorer. I don't see why they would say no to a potential talent of his caliber.

The most underrated part of this trade is the Knicks getting Sergio Rodriguez. He is a win/win situation for the Knicks, as he is both an expiring contract and he is an excellent fast-break point guard stuck on a team who refuses to play him. He shits the bed on defense almost every night, but I don't see why we couldn't play him with either Chandler at the 2 (I know I know, he's a 3), or Toney Douglas, whose defensive chops are obvious. Losing Hill stings, but this trade gets the Knicks a good fast-break PG who could be dropped or re-signed on the cheap.

who says no?

I have more trades waiting in the wings, and I'll post them soon.
Good day, assholes!

Song of the day: "Hey Thanks" -The Wonder Years

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